Remote Work Made Easy

with Cincopa's Toolkit


Working at home during COVID-19 can be challenging,

but it doesn't have to be impossible.

With these 4 Cincopa tools,

you can stay connected with your

teammates, customers, students & contacts,

and keep working at full speed

Cincopa's Zoom integration will have all your meetings and webinars automatically uploaded to your Cincopa account.

With our tools, you can add on-video features, such as CTA’s, annotations and chapters.

With just a few clicks, you can embed them in your website, or send them to your contacts, with your brand prominently displayed.

Your meetings and webinars are assets. Keep them close

Your teammates aren’t next to you physically. But they are online

Integrate your Slack account with Cincopa,

and get instant notifications when one of your teammates uploads an asset or creates a gallery and when a lead submits a form.

Integrate Zoom!
Integrate Slack!

RecTrace is our free Chrome extension that allows you to easily create and share videos via webcam.

Record your screen, yourself, or both, to create engaging videos that will click with your customers, leads, and teammates.

Presenting and explaining new features

has never been so easy

Install RecTrace!

Why work alone, when you can have your teammates with you?

As all of us are swamped at the moment.

A little help from a teammate would really come in handy.

With Cincopa for Teams you can invite your teammates to use your Cincopa account.

That way, they too can upload, manage and host your company's digital assets, too.

You, of course, will remain the administrator.

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